‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. is the national provider of the EUROWATCH service in Lithuania.

This service is used to facilitate the investigation of vehicle crime in 24 European countries provided that at least one of victims is a driver from a foreign country. The objective of EUROWATCH is to provide a driver with an immediate real-time contact with the police from any location in Europe so that vehicle crime offences would be investigated in the most efficient way.

Every year huge damages caused by crimes committed against cargo carriers, motor-car drivers, and passengers are reported all over Europe. 200,000 incidents were registered on European roads in 2003. It should be stressed that the number of vehicle crimes has shown a tendency to grow by 5 % annually. Likelihood of being the victim of such crime tends to grow at an alarming rate. Taking advantage of the fact that European law enforcement officials are not duly prepared for joint activities, criminal offenders usually select drivers and cargo transported from one country to another as targets of their criminal offences. One can hardly expect prompt assistance since language difficulties can occur and police emergency numbers cannot be dialed across the borders.

When a crime is committed outside Lithuania, very often victims are not ready to contact the local police. The most frequent reasons are the following:

  • Unawareness of assistance telephone numbers and impossibility to use these telephone numbers for calling from other countries;
  • Language barrier.

EUROWATCH is the service realized due to cooperation with reliable foreign partners and providing emergency access to police in European countries. The EUROWATCH service is rendered through the Network of National Providers, which for the being time operates in 24 European countries. The geography of the Service operation will be extended to the former USSR countries, the Middle East countries, and the Northern Africa countries. See the list of countries in which the Service is available for the being time. 

All the EUROWATCH representatives closely cooperate with the police and render services 24 hours per day. Communication with the provider of the EUROWATCH service is the simplest and the most reliable way to access local police by telephone in the event of any crime in a foreign country. One who is in an emergency situation that requires the assistance of the police in a foreign country must call to his EUROWATCH representative and inform about an accident and the coordinates of his location in his native language. The provider of the EUROWATCH services, by himself or through his partners, contacts the local law enforcement structures and forwards to them all available and necessary information about the accident. The communication standards used prevent from any distortion of the information forwarded, which means exclusion of a so called effect of “garbled message”.

The application of the satellite transport tracking and security systems in vehicles enables to speed up emergency response to criminal accidents. The availability of the coordinates of the GPS device installed in a vehicle and correlation of them with available digital geographical maps enables us to establish the accurate location of the vehicle. This helps police in every country to response more quickly and  with greater effectiveness when crimes are committed.

The internet “accident website” has been created for each criminal offence in the portal . This information concerning a specific accident, the location of a vehicle, or the direction of movement of the vehicle is regularly updated and is available to all officials participating in the investigation of the accident.

Investments in vehicle and cargo security are justified and pay for themselves. We believe that due to this service you will feel equally safe and secure both inside and outside Lithuania.

If you have any questions about this system, do not hesitate to contact us. If you need any additional information, please, contact ‘Apsaugos komanda’ Ltd. or any the Company’s subsidiary.