Physical Security

This service covers the security of the objects connected to the Company’s central watch control panel. These services are rendered by means of the following computer security control panels: telephonic, radio-wave, GSM, and internet communication. To realize physical security, the client‘s system is connected to the Company‘s central watch control panel (CWCP). The status of the alarm system is under on-line monitoring. After receiving an alarm signal, the mobile patrol crew immediately drives out to the object guarded.

The Company’s mobile patrol crews provide emergency response to the alarm signals received from the objects guarded on a twenty-four hour basis seven days per week. To ensure the security of the client‘s property, the guards undertake all the actions permitted by valid laws.

Should the Company fail to fulfil its obligations, it indemnifies for the damages caused through the Company’s fault as the Company‘s civil liability has been insured in the insurance company „BTA Insurance Company“ SE branch of Lithuania.

On request of the client, the Company performs the control of working hours of the objects guarded. In off time, access to the premises guarded is possible provided only that the CWCP operator is duly informed. 

All the messages of the alarm system, telephone conversations with CWCP, data about the movement of mobile patrol crews are stored in the CWCP data bases and, if necessary, may be given to the client.

How to order the services rendered by our Company

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