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Vehicle security

We offer our customers one of the most advanced systems of this type AutoGuard, used for car security and vehicle tracking which help us to capture various vehicle data, to get information about the danger to your car and to respond to it promptly.

Intelligent Car Protection System AutoGuard, connected to standard car alarms, immediately informs the owner and our operator at Central Monitoring Station (CMS) about theft. The operator sees the exact location of the vehicle and takes the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the car – if necessary, informs the police officers, keeps in contact with them and transmits the information received.

Vehicle tracking and management

AutoGuard is useful not only for car owners, but also for companies that need an immediate vehicle management. The system allows you to track the vehicle’s location, direction, speed, average speed, engine speed, mileage of the route, daily mileage, driver’s work and rest time, stopping points, fuel consumption, location and time of fuel refuelling or pouring out. Upon connection to the Internet system, the customer can independently monitor traffic of the car at any time.


APSAUGOS KOMANDA is a national provider of Eurowatch services in Lithuania. Eurowatch is a service of rapid connection with European police with an aim to help drivers to immediately contact police anywhere in Europe. The Eurowatch service operates through a network of national service providers, currently operating in 36 European countries. All Eurowatch representatives closely cooperate with the police and are on duty 24 hours a day. If the crime occurs abroad, connection with the EUROWATCH service provider is one of the easiest and most reliable ways of contacting the local police.

We are ready to help you

  • Not only do we install security systems, but also consult companies and individuals on issues of organization of security, installation of alarm and its improvement.
  • All alarm system messages, telephone conversations with the CMS, data about the movement of patrol crews are accumulated and stored in the databases and we can provide it to the client if necessary.
  • If we do not fulfil our obligations, we will compensate for the damage caused by our fault, as our civil liability is insured by the insurance company “BTA Insurance Company” SE branch in Lithuania.


  • Vehicle monitoring and protection
  • Vehicle management
  • Eurowatch
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